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+49 0611 7109000
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Taxi and Airport Taxi Wiesbaden, Your reliable taxi company in Wiesbaden and surroundings !
We make (not only) the people in Wiesbaden the life and celebrate lighter......
Taxi Wiesbaden
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Taxi - because it is comfortable !
You were at a party and do not want to drive anymore ? Then your health and driver's license should be worth a taxi ride.
During a stroll through the city you have really spoiled yourself. Now it is raining and you stand with your bargain at the bus stop. Treat yourself to a taxi ride that brings you and your purchases home.
You see : There are many reasons to use a taxi.
So that you arrive well in the future!
Service means with us
courtesy, friendlinessund, helpfulness
Find out more about our company and our other offers on our website. Only taxi driving is not enough for us, we offer high quality service. And not only at night and when it rains, but around the clock. We also have additional offers in the program.
about us
We are a company with more than 25 years experience in taxi business.
We would like to make you a special offer. This offer includes fixed prices for certain routes outside our mandatory driving area Wiesbaden.
We are happy to make you an offer to other destinations. The offer prices are cash payment prices ! Credit card payment is possible, please inquire.
Hagenauer Str. 27
65203 Wiesbaden
+49 / 0611 7109000
Hagenauer Str. 27
65203 Wiesbaden
+49 / 0611 7109000
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